The Benefits of Company Team Building

In these grim recession times, it’s tempting to think that any edge your business might achieve is worthwhile. Organizing a corporate team building project is one of the most trendy ways to boost the cohesion and efficacy of a squad. Still, are they really working?

What are the advantages of taking part in an event like this? Or is it all just a ruse to spend a day out of the office having some fun just to raise your morale?By clicking we get more information about the company team building Boise

Team Building has its roots not only in industry but also in psychology …

A psychologist named Maslow published his “motivation theory” in 1943 which remains one of the most popular examples of motivation models in modern times. Maslow claimed that there were 5 stages of need ranging from the simple physiological need to live, the need for air , food and water, for example, to the final phase of self-actualization, which is the desire for everyone to accomplish what they think they should accomplish, and it is this stage that is of greatest importance to business owners and managers. This final degree of self motivation is rewarding that will move a person on to be happier and efficient in the workplace.

But it can be difficult to achieve. Studies have shown that much of the British labour force is largely de-motivated. This is where it can be of particular benefit to a team build case. The activities themselves were planned with clear goals in mind, all of which are closely linked to sound psychological concepts that will promote progress in the work environment.

Main benefits of a team build event include strengthening and establishing working relationships within a team. New team members may be more integrated and welcomed while longer lasting team members, who may have been regarded in a negative way, will find team members viewing them in a positive light from their team building activity experiences. It is also not possible to underestimate the value of exchanging positive experiences with your team as a motivational tool, and can help to create stronger connexions between team members.

Your team will also begin to understand where their strengths and unique skills are, making sure they can seek advice from the person on the team who is best suited to solving the problem when a problem needs to be addressed. A company team building experience is mainly based on the whole notion of working together as a team and a teamwork. Your team can discover that working together, several times in ways they’ve never even considered before, can have an optimistic, empowering impact which not only contributes to the desired outcome, but also a profound sense of self fulfilment which contentment, thereby achieving Maslow ‘s fifth and often most challenging level of motivation.

New research consistently shows that innovative practises such as corporate events can have a substantial positive effect on the competitiveness of businesses. In 2006, Babis Mainemalis, a professor at the London Business School, and her doctoral candidate Sarah Ronson published a paper showing how the best ideas for a company are born from the idea of playing, and also proposed that innovation should be actively promoted as part of a successful enterprise. Team building activities like these offer the ideal opportunity to make use of this imagination in a practical context, which can then be used productively back in the business world.